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About us

Emiel and Pieter-Jan are two young engi­neers with a passion for construction and sustainable energy. During their previous professional experiences they found that today many opportunities remain un­exploited to make energy systems more sus­tainable and affordable in existing and new real estate. "With Heatify, we want to provide an an­swer to this and contribute to a more sustainable world."

  • In-depth expertise in sustainable energy systems for buildings
  • Open-minded with an eye on optimizing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Young, dynamic and flexible team

Our Mission

  • Buildings are responsible for more than 30% of CO2 emissions in Europe. This is largely due to heating by means of the combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas or fuel oil, often in comb­ination with a limited presence of insu­lation in our building landscape.

  • Heat pumps offer a fossil-free answer to this. They work most efficiently when operating at low supply tempera­ture, which is why they are, sometimes unfairly, not consid­ered in a boiler room reno­vation of an existing buil­ding. It may surprise you, but many more buildings than you might think are already ready today to switch to a heat pump. Many buildings that are currently heated at supply temperatures of 70 °C are perfectly ca­pable of being heated at 45 or 50 °C as well. At these lower supply tem­peratures, it is al­ready more economical to heat with heat pumps than it is with a gas or oil boiler.

  • At Heatify, we want to provide an answer to this. In a renovation context, we per­form ther­mal measure­ments that deter­mine the eco­nomic feasibility of heating with a heat pump in your building. We also develop and manage future-oriented energy solutions for new con­struction projects.


Renovation Context

  • Feasibility study for a transition to heating by means of heat pumps
  • Design, installation and operation of your sustainable energy installation, possible with a performance guarantee

New construction project

  • Conceptual or comprehensive studies of all techniques tailored to your project
  • Realization of intelligent energy systems
  • Technical and administrative management of your installation

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Pieter-Jan Degroote


Emiel Debusseré



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Martelaarslaan 326, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


+32 479 35 41 20

Uw bericht werd succesvol achtergelaten. Tot ziens!
Uw bericht werd succesvol achtergelaten. Tot ziens!